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Free DIY Site builders in a True Cloud Internet Business Platform environment, backed by experienced techs and business people that want to help you make your dream come to life. Weebly, SitePro, Wordpress, Joomla; the top choices are at  your fingertips. 

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Options: Hosting plans for successful online business and ambitious new startups

Plans for building on solid ground

Site and  Email

Site and Email

Full Hosting
No Email

No Email

Just the Site
No Website

No Website

Just the Email

Features: Check out The coolcom Digital "Product and service" highlights our clients have come to love

COOL Perks and Advantages

Situated in Canada

True Cloud

Cloud servers are different; while most hosting agencies tell you they're in use, at COOLCOM we actually run them to host your business.

Feature Packed

Packed cPanel

Every relevent feature is in your cPanel, no added fees to make use of any of them. If we missed one you like to use, just let us know!

Hands On Management


After 22 years successfully serving our exclusive client base, we've learned our most "sticky" feature is that management remains accessible.

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nuts and bolts

Let's Get Technical


Spam Reduced Email

No filters or lost mail, we just ensure your mail is from real people not bots.

Web, Device & PC Access

PC/MAC, Devices; your mail is accessible by any means you need inculding webmail.

Website Builders

Your cPanel is bursting with all the best easy to use site building options.

Loaded cPanel

Your cPanel is loaded with oodles of cPanel features. Missing something? Just ask.

Rapid Assistance

With Rapid Support you're never left hanging. We have  your back.

Techy Things


Unlimited Bandwidth

No limits to the amount of bandwidth your site and email use per month.

99% Uptime

Expert load balancing ensures near zero downtime at COOLCOM Digital.

1 Click Installs

Never get lost in your cPanel. Everything can be installed with a click.

MySQL Databases

You'll need this to build dynamic sites with ecommerce and memberships.

PHP MyAdmin +

Access to advanced building tools is right at your fingertips.

Caldev Support

Your webmail can share Group Calendars, To Do lists and a lot more.

Bonus Bits

Management Access

COOLCOM Founders & managers are right here and hope to hear from you.

Advice and Discussion

Every client is individual. COOLCOM gives advice based on your needs.

Hands on Help

Often, we skip explaining how to DIY and just get it done for you.

A seat at the table

Every day, year around, we put out surveys to stay in touch with your needs.

1st year SSL Free

When most charge $80.00/y, we give it up free & charge only 29.95 next year.

Extended backups

Included in COOLCOM SSL is our BONUS extended offsite backup service.

Top 100 Web-biz Bets

A paper courtesy of clubCOOL

PAPER: If we were to start something new today, it would be from this list. Discover our top bets for starting up new online businesses you can run from your home.

BONUS: Identify great ideas quickly! We include our step-by-step Quarterback Method of assessing ideas before spending time & money! Use Google, Amazon & other tools to narrow your concepts and review data on how "in demand" it really is. 

                  Want more than "space" for your business? clubCOOL adds tools, advice & more.

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