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Buying local isn't limited to products and services such as clothing and food. Canadian webhosts present many options and price ranges while remaining technically on par or in some cases more so, than US counterparts.

But that's just the first of many reasons to host your website in Canada.

Under Canadian law, protection of personal information is guaranteed through two federal laws: the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act for the private sector and the Privacy Act for the public sector. In addition, there are provincial laws that govern the use of personal information in Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec that are considered to be equivalent to PIPEDA by the federal government and take precedence in those provinces. All businesses operating in Canada are subject to the applicable laws based on where they are located. These laws ensure that personal information is used in such a way that the privacy of the owner is protected and not abused.

Canada has privacy laws providing “adequate protection” of personal information. These laws are recognized by the E.U. where the United States employs no such protections. Also contrary to the US, privacy regulations, Canadian legal privacy is governned both federally and provincially by way of privacy commissioners and ombudsmen.

By hosting your website and collecting data in the United States you're in no way protected by Canadian law, instead, your site is under the legal jurisdiction of the United States.

If there are any issues with your hosting provider, the local court of where your hosting company keeps your data comes into play. This amounts to potential legel fees and travel costs in a country where your understanding of process is limited. There is a good chance this will never happen to you but it makes good sense to completely avoid the issue if possible.

Hosting in Canada has the added benefit of being recognized a such by Google. The search engine takes location into account when searches are made. Businesses and services seen as close or more local to the search are often presented in priority order.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act also comes into play when choosing locations between Canada and the United States. The advantages in Canada are so apparent that more and more United States firms are now choosing to host their websites in Canada as well.

The DMCA is meant to take down illegal content stored within the United States. But as layed out, it means that if your site is stored in the US, alongside one containing illegal content, your site is will be arbitrarily shut down too. Alternatively, a Canadian web hosting company does not have to immediately comply with a DMCA take down request. A Canadian website hosting firm can isolate the problem site only, avoiding shutting down neighboring legitimate sites within the data centre.

As an added advantage, Canadian courts have rarely complied at all with DMCA take downs by ruling against the FBI and their attempts to come over the border