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When you purchase a Premium Domain advertised via Domain.ca, COOLCOM Premium will act as the Escrow Service - ensuring a smooth transition of the Domain Name to your ownership before funds are released to the original seller. By ensuring the viability of both sides of the sale the process is smoother and more successful. 

If you wish to inquire about any of the below URLs just fill out the short form and our Premium Domain Team will be in touch promptly. 

Single Word Generic Brandable Top Shelf Domains 

affiliates.ca 17,000.00
cellulars.ca 08,000.00
devs.ca 10,000.00
joint.ca 39,000.00
kennel.ca 10,000.00
legs.ca 20,000.00
newsletter.ca 17,000.00
tokes.ca 39,000.00

Two Word Brandable Premium Domains

ProShops.ca 12,000.00
MediaMoguls.ca 06,500.00
ContentCafe.com 06,500.00
xVibes.com 12,500.00
JackNasty.com 07,500.00
NakedGuide.com 07,500.00
NakedGuides.com 07,500.00
VictoriaVisitor.com 13,500.00
HotelsBC.com 20,000.00
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