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The first .ca domain was registered by the University of Prince Edward Island in January 1988 through the (then) registry of .ca domains at the University of British Columbia.

While COOLCOM is a registrar of all TLD's, it's important to know about the .ca domain and how CIRA evolved in Canada.

.ca domain names.ca domains are the Internet country code top-level domain for Canada. All countries are assigned a top level domain (TLD) and in Canada, the domain name registry that operates and oversees Canadian domain names is called the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

CIRA began the operation of the .ca domain name in 2000 and within eight years CIRA registered its one millionth .ca domain name. Since this time the .ca domain has (for various reasons) become a major asset to Canadian business wishing to succeed online.

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COOLCOM was established in 1999 and became a major player in the registration of .ca domain names as well as all other TLDs and has since remained one of Canada's favorite suppliers of URLs.

COOLCOM's Canadian Domain name Registry was also one of the first to be approved by CIRA in Canada to register .ca domains.

But before that, COOLCOM was also one of the very few registries versed in the intricacies of the .ca domain application system before the management of CIRA took place. The forms were lengthy but COOLCOM assisted clients in wading through the information and questions related to registration.

It's important for several reasons to be sure to register a .ca domain not only with a CIRA approved registry but also to ensure that registry is Canadian based. This ensures your data is protected by Canadian Law which is more protective of Canadain data and your personal information.

.ca domains are registered in increments of one year (up to 9) and when not renewed fall into a system starting with "Expiry" followed by "Redemption" and finally release back into the system for new registration.

.ca domain registration for Canadians

Canadian Business can benefit from having a .ca domain in part by ranking better in Google, a regionally (in part) criteria that the search engine takes into account.

Privacy and the .ca domain name registration process

Internet privacy and personal data has become a lively issue as of late, so it's also important to understand how CIRA handles yours when your .ca domains are registered. 

With the exception of Corporate Registrations, all .ca domains are by default set to private; this is not a feature you should ever pay for. 

Qualifying for a .ca domain; knowing the rules will help 

In order to preserve the regional integrity of the .ca TLD, registrants must meet Canadian Presence Requirements as set out by CIRA; examples include:

  • a Canadian citizen of the age of majority
  • a permanent resident of Canada
  • a legally recognized Canadian organization
  • an Inuit, First Nation, Métis or other people indigenous to Canada
  • an Indian Band as defined in the Indian Act of Canada
  • a foreign resident of Canada that holds a registered Canadian trademark
  • a division of the government

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